Sunday, December 22, 2013

Hate the Sin Love the Sinner?

"Hate the sin, Love the sinner."

Ever heard that one before?  It has become a popular phrase among Christians over the years to help explain how the church and Christians should interact with the world.  We cannot deny that the Bible proclaims certain things to be "sin" and we also can't deny that the Bible calls us to "love our neighbors."  So, how do we blend these two seemingly opposing doctrines?  We hate the sin and love the sinner of course.......

The problem is that also seems to be the exact order in which we often do it.  We often hate the sin first and then love the sinner second.  Jesus didn't say too much about "hating" sin, but He said a heck of a lot about loving one another.

I wonder what would happen if we were to reverse the order?


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Socialism or Capitalism? That's not the point

One of the things that concerns me about the overall direction of our society is the lack of ability to seen topics and issues from a balanced perspective.  It seems anymore that we are driven to take a stand on a subject and then root for our side no matter what.  Like a sports fans who can see no wrong with their team or the players, we determine that our way is best and any other perspective is foolish.  One area this seems to occur in is in regard to economics.

Currently our nation is growing more and more embattled in the tension between Socialism and Capitalism.  The Capitalist view the Socialists as lazy freeloaders who wish to distribute the wealth they have worked hard to earn.  The Socialist view the Capitalists as greedy cutthroats who exploit the less fortunate to their own gain.  The problem is that neither form of government is better or worse than the other.  When looked at objectively, just about any sort of governmental system can work quite well.  Capitalism, Socialism, even Communism.  Big government, small government, no government.  All of them are capable of working quite well in theory.  The factor we forget to plug into these equations is that the problem is never the actual system.  The problem is always the people within the systems.  You see, each system has its pros and cons and the cons are almost always based on human nature.  Each system is open to exploitation and it is the exploitive nature of man that creates the weakness in every system.

So, perhaps the time has come for us to stop viewing each other as idiots for having opposing political or economic views as each system is equally valid in a world were everyone is honest and hardworking.  The problem isn't ideology.........its us.      

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tolerance.....It's not what you think or what you say....It's how you act.

Tolerance.......its something most of the commoners in America seem to understand that those atop the highest mountains of publicity can't seem to grasp.  It is sad to me that we have become such a sensational society that the only people who seem to be able to claim the spotlight are those with either the most radical stances or the most outrageous stunts.

As a commoner, I've noticed some rather interesting trends down here at the base of the social ladder.  I've seen how liberals and conservatives, gays and straights, religious and atheists, blacks and whites and browns and yellows can still be friends despite their differences.

I see it all the time.  I see it in the relationships I have with friends who have different stances on social issues than I do.  I've seen it with my friends of other races, I've seen it in watching the friendships of others as well.  You see, the thing about tolerance is that its not about thinking alike, or looking alike, or being alike.  Its actually quite the opposite.  Its about having the ability to treat people with kindness no matter what your differences.

The idea of a nation full of people who think or look exactly alike is actually quite terrifying to me.  That lack of diversity and individual thought would be the kind of thing that could lead to a very dull, shallow, and possibly dangerous society.  But a nation full of people with vast differences and ideas who possess the ability to still treat each other well?  Well, that would be a beautiful thing!

I know its possible because I see it every day, and I notice it even more when I don't turn on the TV.....