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The Resistance

Earlier this week national news was made when an anonymously written editorial was published in the New York Times, containing the claim that the author was an active member of our current presidential administration and actively working to undermine a sitting president.  
This editorial is troubling on several levels.  Let’s begin with the possibility that it is fabricated.  Under that premise, the actions taken by the Times to publish such a piece would be the highest level of dirty politics, seeking to create suspicion and doubt within the White House and would display a political agenda so bent on winning that it would sacrifice the safety and stability of an entire nation to topple an active presidency at any cost.  
Another possibility is that the piece is authentic. This means that somewhere within the halls of our government, there is a small group of vigilantes who, in the name of protecting a nation, are willing to violate every aspect or our current governmental system.  We l…

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