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CNN vs The Whitehouse

As our nation seems to be daily moving farther and farther apart ideologically, the recent confrontation between the White House and CNN’s Jim Acosta seems to perfectly capture where we stand today as a society.  
Over the past few days, I’ve seen posts explaining how Acosta “put his hands on” a White House intern, followed by “Acosta never touched her,” followed by “his credentials being suspended is a violation of the freedom of the press.”
The most disturbing element of this entire saga is not the drama between CNN and the White is us.  We the people have become so blinded by our own loyalties that we seem to be intentionally blinding ourselves to the reality of a situation that has played out before our collective eyes.  Sadly, as people, we seem intent on seeing the situation from the perspective of the side for which we root.  
If we the people are ever to be “We the People” we must at least learn to be honest with ourselves about the theatrics we are presented by BOTH…

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