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A Case For Nationalism

Recently the president yet again made news for a controversial statement that he is a “nationalist.”  For those who support the president, this was seen as a good thing and for those who dislike him this was seen as disturbing.  As the political landscape of our society seems to be moving more and more to a place of polarization, at least in the competition for the attention of the nation, it seems that topics are seldom ever examined from a position of moderation. Almost all topics are dangerous when carried out to extremes in any direction, but must every single topic always be viewed from the position of the extreme?  
For instance.....regarding the topic of nationalism.  When taken to the extreme, you have the Nazis who promoted the belief that every nation, culture, and way of life was beneath them and therefore was subject to conquest.  To the other extreme you have the anti-nationalism dream of a utopian dream world with no borders, no nations and peace and love on Earth.  

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