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“I really just want to grow closer to God....”
It’s a phrase I’ve both heard and said multiple times.  Typically it has accompanied some deep yearning for some sort of change in my life or a new resolution to seek out greater spirituality.  
Maybe you’re like me and perhaps you’ve said or pondered it as well?   And if you are like me, that quest to “grow closer to God” was more than likely followed by a new commitment to studying my Bible, spending more time in prayer, and more time soul-searching.  Often my pursuit of God has caused me to withdraw from the busy world surrounding me and retreat to places of solitude in hopes of getting better spiritual reception so as to clearly learn and discover God’s next steps in His plan for my life.  
In recent years, I’ve found myself pondering the elements of this spiritual journey I’ve embarked on, and the constant quest to attain spiritual harmony with the Almighty.  One of the big questions that has begun to haunt me is how can I know that I l…

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