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The Art of Protest

It’s hard to make it through a day of the news or social media cycle anymore without seeing some sort of protest.  Protest is an interesting tool, really.  When used appropriately, it can change the world. Yet when used incorrectly, it can do the exact opposite of its intended purpose and rather than push society toward its desired direction, can actually create further resistance to its own cause.  
I think the key to protest comes with the intention behind it.  Often times the idea behind protest is to enact change.  But sadly, especially in a selfie-driven, self centered society, I fear protest has become much more about seeking attention rather than creating change.  One downside to being a protester who is motivated by seeking attention is if their cause actually attains success.  For once success occurs, there is no longer a need for protest.  And if their is no longer a need for protest then there is no longer the avenue of protest with which to gain attention.  
If we are honest…

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