Solitary Confinement

Solitary confinement.
Considered to be the worst of all punishments for a human being.
Complete and total confinement, absent of any other person...full and absolute existence only with one’s self.
How ironic, the greatest fear and torment of the majority is to be trapped with the most intimate relationship any human could
Whether we are a celebrity with millions of followers or a world leader with throngs willing to obey our every the end....we all are alone.
In the depths of our being, in the deepest recesses of our is still just the individual.
Alone we take our very first breath, even if we are surrounded by loved ones. And alone we take our final breath… even if we are surrounded by loved ones.
We can seek to occupy ourselves with every distraction possible. We can spend hours in the company of others....but ultimately ....the true person we must learn to come to terms with is the individual that nobody else on earth can possibly fully know....the true self that lies within us all.
The one we often seek to drown out with exterior elements is the one that most haunts us.....the true self.
We can strive and crave affirmation from others, but ultimately, the affirmation we need most doesn’t come from outside sources, but from the ultimate internal source.
Made in the image of God, it is in the core of the individual that peace must be made with our creator. It is the depths of our individuality that we must ultimately come to terms with our maker and our purpose. And it is only there that true fulfillment, purpose, and peace can be found.


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