Sunday, October 30, 2011

Book Update

Greetings all, unfortunately we were not able to pull off our goal of a November 1st release date......BUT the book is off to typeset this week so we should be looking at a fairly comfortable release date of Nov.15th.  That's provided I don't get into anymore car accidents to slow things down :) 

Thanks again to everyone for the interest and support!  We are getting close!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wall Street and the NBA

I've really been irritated by the recent strikes and "labor negotiations" that have taken place in professional sports. I have a problem with a bunch of millionaires arguing with billionaires over how much money each should make to workout all day and play a game. It seems insensitive to me that during a bad economy while people are struggling that the richest among us would worry more about lining their pockets with extra cash rather than lowering ticket prices or paying the popcorn vendor more during a recession.

Then a friend of mine posted a picture this morning of the Wall Street protesters contrasted with starving children else where in the world. I have better tents sitting in my garage than many of these people have houses to live in. I had to pause and ask myself what my complaining must look like to them? Probably not much different than a whiny millionare......

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spinning in Circles

It is interesting some of the thoughts that pass through your mind as you are spinning in circles down a freeway during rush hour.  I encountered this last week on my way home from work.  I've always hated that feeling you get when traffic comes to a sudden stop and as you are slowing down to avoid the car in front of you, you are peering into your rear view mirror praying that the car behind you can stop in time. 

As my tires halted, I breathed a sigh of relief as the vehicle behind me also made a successful stop.  Traffic then started up again and I was off, free and clear from any collisions...........then I heard it........the sound of screeching tires..........I looked in my rear view just in time to see a car fishtailing out of control directly at me.  As the vehicle collided with my rear bumper and I began to spin, my first thought was, "Wow, death can really come quickly and unexpectedly."  Once my vehicle had made a quarter turn, I then thought, "Dang it, I've been trying to take such good care of my truck."  After completing a revolution I realized I was now rolling backward toward the cement barrier that divides the freeway.  I tried to slam on the breaks as I was worried about smashing the back of the truck against the wall..............before I remembered that a car had just crushed the back end, so what was I really trying to save......

Now, I know this story pales in comparison as to the accidents many of you have had, but one thing that I quickly realized was how eager people are to help each other.  As I went to check on the driver of the other vehicle, after regaining her composure, her thoughts immediately turned to me and my well being.  The next day, I had three separate friends offer to lend me a car.  Bad things will always happen in this world, earthquakes, tidal waves, accidents, and sickness but each of these are opportunities for beauty as we step out and assist each other.  When our lives are spinning out of control, normally our biggest problems are not that we don't have help available; it’s that we are too proud to accept it.  I woke up more thankful that next morning than I had the day before as I was given one more reminder of the blessings that surround me.  Those blessings are not cars or houses, they are people.  The relationships of family and friends are the true blessings, they are what really matter.  Thank you all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Would You Do If You Knew You Wouldn't Get Caught?

Ever wonder that? If deep down in our heart we knew we would never get caught, what kinds of things would we do? Would you rob a bank? Have an affair? Experiment with a drug? Spend more time in Vegas? The fact is almost all of us have answers to this question that we would never reveal but deep inside we know the truth. And whether we like to admit it or not, that is the real person inside us. If all the restraints were taken away, who would be the person left?

Ever wonder why it was the thieves and prostitutes and the like that Jesus seemed to love hanging out with. We tend to think it was because they were in such need of his love, which they were, but maybe it was more than that. Maybe he liked hanging with these people best simply because they were the most like him? Oh, he wasn't out doing all these "terrible" things of course but Jesus was a real guy. He was genuine, the last thing that could ever be used to describe him was fake. And these people, as flawed as they were, were not fake. What we keep secret about ourselves they lived out. We look down at them but really they just have the courage to live out our unspoken desires.

It was the religious fakes that he couldn't handle. It wasn't that they tried to live holy lives, it was that they pretended these things weren't issues for them as well. I don't think we need to go out and live lives of debauchery to draw closer to Christ, we just need to stop pretending that we wouldn't if we could.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Former NFL Star Randy Robbins and Recording Artist and Producer Andy Frank endorse What If God Is Like This?

A big thanks to my good friends Randy Robbins and Andy Frank for taking the time to read the manuscript for What If God Is Like This?

Randy Robbins, a former defensive back for the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots had this to say after reading the book:

"Will has captured what most people think during their personal relationship with God and our quest to find Him.  He eloquently raised the issue that the world is not perfect and God doesn't expect us to be, either, which is inspiring.  God has given us the gift of free will and the responsibilities that come with this gift.  In the end, God hopes we choose Him."

Andy Frank is a Worship Leader in the Phoenix area and is also an accomplished recording artist and music producer. He said this after reading the book:

"Will Hathaway's What If God Is Like This? speaks right to the heart of profound questions being asked within our culture about God, His characteristics and purposes, and our roles and responses to Him in the midst of the freedom He gives.  Very few books have recently challenged me to "work out my faith" like this one has."

Thank you both for taking time out of your busy schedules to read the book and offer the kind words!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Richard Dawkins and the "God Delusion"

I was on the internet today and happened to come across a Bill O'Reilly interview of the famed atheist scientist Richard Dawkins.  After watching the interview, I really had to say that in my opinion Mr. Dawkins did a much better job of representing himself and his beliefs than Mr. O'Reilly  After watching the clip I was intrigued so I did a search of different interviews with Dawkins and was quite disappointed in what I saw interview after interview.  For the most part, it seemed like it was Mr. Dawkins who would conduct himself in a much more "Christian" manner than the religious folks interviewing him.  Over and over they were very defensive and rather rude to him while he would calmly and patiently present his case, never really getting flustered.

I actually found myself getting angry as people who considered themselves followers of a religion of love treated this guy with such contempt.  Let's face it, is it really that surprising to us that there might be people in the world that have a hard time believing that the  Earth was created in 6 days, 8,000 years ago and that mankind was tricked by a talking snake?  If we would remove our religious lenses for a moment and look at the story objectively, perhaps as one would look at the stories of Roman or Greek mythology, we might be able to at the very least admit, "Well, okay, I can see why you might have a hard time with this."

I find a certain amount of irony in that we believe in a God that even the Bible itself states pretty clearly can't be "proven". Time and time again the point is made that we must live by "faith."  Why?  Because He can't be proven!  There might be evidence to support His existence, but if solid "proof" existed, then society would not be talking about a "belief" in God as there would be no debate.  So, if we believe in a God who can't be proven scientifically to exist, then why are we so worried that science will prove He doesn't exist?  Let's be honest, religion doesn't exactly have the greatest track record when going up against science in the past.  We were the ones that were persecuting people, even killing them in some instances, for believing the Earth wasn't flat, or that the Earth was the center of the universe, or that it was the sun that revolved around us.  For some reason when science attempts to provide theories about existence, religion has historically felt threatened.  It's as if the idea that the Sun revolves around the Earth was somehow an attack on the credibility of God.

In the Bible, God is never seen challenging his followers to go about the Earth and prove He exists.  No, instead we find the challenge to be to love one another.  That was the main objective.  The story of God has never really been one of science but rather the story of us as people.  It's much more about who we are as humans and how we are to interact with each other than it is about anything else.  In some cases we have taken stories that were clearly meant to be allegorical in nature and tried to treat them as scientific fact, and in doing so placed ourselves in some very awkward positions as we find that we have to try to explain some rather fantastic view points.  When we allow ourselves to focus on proving something rather than loving someone, then we ultimately lose track of the main point. 

I really wish we would spend a lot more effort on learning how to treat each other with forgiveness, dignity, and love rather than trying to prove God exists.  When it comes down to it, if God is going to be discovered, it's not going to be in a test tube or by looking through a telescope, He's going to be discovered when he is put on display by the hearts that embrace and share His love.

Monday, October 3, 2011

To Be Like God..........

The Bible doesn't have a whole lot to say about this character named Lucifer.  In fact, the word, Lucifer isn't even in the Bible, that's a name that was added later.  But the truth is, we don't know a ton about this guy or his story, there are some things that we have speculated in that he was an archangel, and that his greatest flaw was his desire to be God.  Interesting isn't it?  Wasn't that very close to the same temptation that Eve was presented with prior to eating the fruit?  Didn't the serpent tell her that she would be "like God" when she gained the knowledge of good and evil?

Is our greatest struggle the fact that we just are not content with what we have?  That all we tend to see is what is missing from our lives rather than what is already there?  Ironically, Philippians 2 tells us that Jesus didn't "consider equality with God something to be grasped."  As a man, he didn't worry about being God.  He was content with being a man.  He knew his place and accepted who and what he was, and in doing so was perfect. 

What if Lucifer or Eve or you and I, understood that?  After all, Eve was already created in the image of God, did she really need to be more like Him?  Do any of us?  Maybe it's more about accepting what we already are rather than craving what we aren't?