Passion Week: Wednesday

The day before the capture
There is nothing mentioned in the Gospels about anything taking place on Wednesday.  Many scholars believe Jesus may have used today to spend time with His family and loved ones, as it is the last day before His capture.  

As for this day, we are only left to wonder what Jesus might have done.  What would we do if we knew we were in our final hours?  How would we spend these last few moments?  Perhaps Jesus contemplated fleeing the city to avoid His death all together.  Perhaps He walked the streets of Jerusalem preparing Himself for what He was about to endure.  I imagine He probably spent time with His mother Mary, as this was the last full day He would spend with her as her son.

I wonder what Jesus will feel tonight as He goes to bed?  Will He even be able to sleep?  Perhaps, from where He is staying, He is able to hear the sounds of the thousands of sacrificial lambs that have been brought into the city for Passover.  Will He listen to them tonight and think about their common fate?  

There is no doubt that Jesus will spend the majority of this day in prayer.  Maybe as Jesus lays down tonight He will think about His childhood.  Will images of His teenage years and His deceased father Joseph enter his mind or will He think of the first day He met and called His disciples?  I wonder if He questions where the time has gone and how quickly this night has come, how it seems like just yesterday He was a young boy in Galilee learning carpentry.  

Maybe He will think of the generations of people who have come and gone who looked forward to His arrival and the salvation He would provide.  Perhaps He thinks about the generations to come who have no idea He is saving them before they are even born.  

Perhaps as His eyes are growing heavy, just before He is finally able to drift off for a few hours of sleep.............He thinks of you.


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