If you support DACA, ending child/parent separation, and gun control.....you should also support the wall

For a generation now, the issues of border security and immigration have been talking points on both sides of the political aisle.   

Recently the headlines have been ablaze with the revelation that parents and children are being separated at the border, an existing policy recently enforced by the Trump administration. 

Since Trump began his election bid, one of his very first proposals was to put a wall along the US/Mexican border. His detractors immediately began to ridicule the idea as ridiculous and pointless as it would have no effect and would not work. Build a 20-foot wall and somebody will have a 21-foot ladder was one of the often-used replies. 

When Trump threatened to deport hundreds of thousands of Dreamers it was viewed as inhumane to separate these people from the only nation they have ever known. Now Trump's enforcement of a policy separating children from their parents upon detainment at the border is also viewed as inhumane.  Yet for some inexplicable reason there is resistance among Trump’s opponents to grant him a wall that "will not matter" in exchange for ending these deeply inhumane practices that do matter!   

If Trump's request for a wall is silly and pointless, then exchanging it for things of such profound importance, things that have such a huge impact on the lives of so many should be a no-brainer.  Yet the resistance continues. 

In addition to this, there have been outcries from the newest generation of Americans pleading for gun control. And when examples such as Chicago are given as places with the most strict gun control, yet the highest gun crime, the immediate retort is that the guns used in Chicago come from outside areas with lax gun control laws, thus the need for nationwide gun control measures.  But if guns are able to move into Chicago from areas less secure, then naturally if the entire United States were to have the same type of laws, guns could also come into the United States from other areas. 

According to that logic, if Chicago possessed a secure border with its neighboring areas it would be able to prevent guns from moving back-and-forth into the area allowing it's gun control laws to work to their full capacity and violent crime in Chicago would significantly decline. 

If the United States was to have strict and efficient gun control measures implemented, then a secure border would be paramount in ensuring that the same problem occurring in Chicago did not occur nationwide, which means secure borders would be needed.

This is what is so confusing about those who oppose Trump in their positions. By all measures, they should give him his wall if doing so would ensure the freedom of hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients and end the cruel process of having children separated from their parents at the border. A bonus benefit would be taking a step towards ensuring that, should their desired strict gun control measures ever be implemented nationwide, those laws aren't undermined by an unsecure border allowing for the free flow of weapons the way they are in Chicago and other areas with strict gun control measures in place.  

It can be argued that Trump is a monster for using the Dreamers and the separation of small children from their parents as a negotiating tool to get a wall.  

But it is just as bad to stand in the way of a wall if it would end these practices, and contribute towards creating the necessary circumstances for America to have the gun laws that Trump's opponents say they desire.  

If the wall won't matter.......then why not give him his stupid wall in exchange for things that do matter!!   And if they really do believe that the reason current strict gun control laws in certain areas of the country don't work is because they are undermined by the ability of guns to come in from outside areas, then there is no excuse whatsoever not to give him his wall!!   A wall that would create a more humane nation while at the same time taking steps to ensure that if gun control legislation ever passes, it will not be undermined the same way it is in Chicago and other areas.   

Trump may in fact be a monster, but at least he is a monster who openly reveals himself as such, unlike his opponents who hide under the cloak of compassion while actively taking steps to ensure the compassion they proclaim is never realized… making them the most dangerous monsters of all… monsters that are concealed as friends.  



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