Miracles, Signs, and Wonders.....Where Did They All Go?

As a kid growing up in church, one of my great desires was to see a miracle on par with something mentioned in the Bible.  I specifically remember a Sunday School class as a child where we learned that the Israelites turned from God and began worshiping a golden calf they had made when Moses failed to return from the top of Mt. Sinai within the time frame they felt appropriate.  What is amazing about this, is it took place immediately after God had brought them out of Israel through a series of 10 supernatural plagues and a parted ocean.  

I remembered my young mind thinking, I would never have doubted God after seeing all that!  As I got older and continued attending church, there was a little part of me that was jealous of those in the Bible that got to see these amazing things.  While I was pretty sure about Christianity, the Bible, Jesus, and God, I was certain all I needed was one solid miracle in my life to lock it all in and remove all doubt.  Fortunately, I eventually grew up and became a pastor where this craving to see and experience a supernatural anomaly finally...........got worse.  

For upon obtaining the title of pastor, I not only wanted to see one, I wanted to have one performed through me!  After all, what better way to be certain of your walk with God than to have the Almighty perform a few miracles through you?  I’m not proud of it...but somewhere in the deeper chambers of my heart, those feelings actually lurked.  

Over time, as I prepared hundreds and hundreds of lessons, bible studies, sermons and the like, I began to notice a disturbing pattern in regard to those in the Bible experiencing miracles.....that being....when it came to faith, it didn’t seem to matter.  Over and over again the Bible tells stories of God’s presence being displayed through miracles, signs, and wonders only for many of those closest to these events to remain unconvinced.  

Jesus concluded the parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus with, “If they don’t LISTEN to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.” (Luke 16:31).  Jesus would later prove this true on multiple occasions as even after bringing back people from the dead (one of which was also named Lazarus) and even after rising Himself, there were still people who didn’t buy it.  

Is it possible that the primary message of Christ...the message of love...is so obvious, so clear, and so undeniable that if people can’t see its power then even miracles won’t be enough?

If everyone on Earth were to buy into the single notion of loving our neighbor as ourself, we could have a utopian world......tomorrow!  That one concept.....that one truth, LOVE.....could instantly transform the world.  Perhaps that’s why Jesus would bristle at times when asked to perform a sign...for Jesus knew better than anyone, if you can’t see the power of love, then even a man rising from the dead won’t be enough.   And you know what???  He was right.....


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