The Resistance

Earlier this week national news was made when an anonymously written editorial was published in the New York Times, containing the claim that the author was an active member of our current presidential administration and actively working to undermine a sitting president.  

This editorial is troubling on several levels.  Let’s begin with the possibility that it is fabricated.  Under that premise, the actions taken by the Times to publish such a piece would be the highest level of dirty politics, seeking to create suspicion and doubt within the White House and would display a political agenda so bent on winning that it would sacrifice the safety and stability of an entire nation to topple an active presidency at any cost.  

Another possibility is that the piece is authentic. This means that somewhere within the halls of our government, there is a small group of vigilantes who, in the name of protecting a nation, are willing to violate every aspect or our current governmental system.  We live in a country where we have already seen presidents impeached, so we know the system works when used as it is intended.  But for the system to be undermined in the form of a silent coup should create concern for every American. If this can be done to this can be done to any future president. In fact, should these people not be discovered and held accountable for their actions, they run the risk of destroying the validity of one of our three branches of government, showing that it is not a president who runs the executive branch, but a secret group of self-labeled crusaders who have decided they speak on behalf of an entire nation.  

If history has taught us anything it is that power corrupts.  Our founding fathers understood this principle when they set up our constitution to distribute the power of a nation in such a manner as to prevent one person from ever being too powerful.  

But our founding fathers also understood the proper way to run a resistance.  They set the example when FIFTY-SIX men boldly signed their NAMES to their letter of resistance.  And rather than passively aggressively publish it under the cloak of anonymity.....they sent if first class directly to the man they opposed.  Open and unabashed.  Most of those men paid the ultimate price for that resistance.  

What we have seen recently is indeed a resistance.  If the letter is authentic, we have covert members of the presidential administration seeking to thwart it movements rather than trusting the voice of the people with their votes. We have open protests inside the very chambers of the hearings for a new Supreme Court justice. We have members of Congress encouraging the public to actively harass current members of the administration when they are seen in public.

Prior to this election, two families (Bush’s and Clinton’s) have effectively been able to use the two-party system to ensure a member of either family has held a position no less than Secretary of State since 1981.  And had Hillary Clinton won the election and held two terms, that would have lasted until 2025.  Almost 50 years!!!  That would have equaled 20 percent of the entire time our nation has existed.  

Yes, the resistance we are seeing is a governmental establishment of power that is threatened by the emergence of a threat that came from outside of Washington -- a threat that is controversial and unpopular to half the nation.  And they are using that threat to gain even more power as they are now openly violating and subverting the Constitution of the United States of America in order to “save the country.”  

Only they aren’t saving the country.....they are taking the country from the very citizens to whom our founding fathers empowered.  


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